The rap game went abstract. #dysmanic #ackronyminc Music
Dysmanic Presents: Go Fetti
March 18, 2015

When you have a creative rapper from the bay area who wants to bring a new face to hip hop, look no further than Dysmanic out of Oakland. After working with artists like D-Lo, Dysmanic is ready to become the next big producer anywhere. How will this happen? Simply because working with an expert at Read More

New Balance 890v5 Sneakers
New Balance 890v5: Now Made More Responsive
March 15, 2015

New Balance adds yet another version to the 890 collection. Now on its fifth version, the shoes come with neutral cushioning and revolutionary engineering that allows it to withstand fast and swift movements. The new shoe design also features intelligent geometries that are placed there not just for design but also to ensure support. The Read More

New Balance 574 Pique Polo Pack Sneakers
New Balance 574 Pique Polo Pack
March 12, 2015

  Do you want to look cool beyond preppy? If so, New Balance can help you with that. With the dashing look of the New Balance 574 Pique Polo Pack, you are sure to defy what makes the preppy label. Tagged as the Pique Polo Pack, users are given the luxury to indulge in a Read More

Supra Belmont Sneakers
Supra Belmont: All New and All Stylish
March 9, 2015

A new pair of Supra sneakers just dropped and sneaker lovers who crave for a simplistic design will definitely like it. Inspired by the vintage low-top court sneakers, Supra Belmont is more like a modern update of a classic design. The pair’s straightforward construction is its most notable feature. Created out of simple materials, Supra Read More

Mariah Carey Before and After Style & Trends
10 Worst Celebrity Fashion Transformations
March 3, 2015

Celebrities change their look and fashion style as fast as you can blink your eyes. Some had their transformation for the best. But others committed a faux pas. Here are some celebrities whose fashion sense has gone wrong along the way. 1. Janet Jackson The ultimate female pop artist of the 80s has transformed into an Read More

Nike Kyrie 1 Flytrap Sneakers
Nike Kyrie 1 Flytrap Basketball Shoes
February 28, 2015

If you are a Kyrie Irving fan, then you’ll love this all-new Venus flytrap basketball shoes. Irving is a dynamic point guard known for his deceptive speed and hypnotic ball handling skills. Nike has finally recognized his hard court talent that they decided that it is worth giving him a sneaker line that he can Read More

Head Mandalas Style & Trends
The Best Tattoo of The Year
February 25, 2015

There has been a lot of creativity flowing this year especially in the area of tattoo art. Artists push the sky to the limits with their genius creations. We are seeing a lot of elaborate designs in simple yet meaningful tattoos. And they are always a hit. Here are the best Tattoos of the Year. 10. Read More

Nikelab ACG Bomber Jacket Style & Trends
Nikelab Releases New ACG Bomber Jacket
March 17, 2015

If you’re looking for a jacket that fits all conditions, try the new Nikelab ACG Bomber Jacket. The jacket encourages mental and physical readiness as it lets the wearer move with minimal restriction. The range of motion that this jacket provides is simply impeccable, especially because it allows the wearer to assume an athlete’s half-crouched Read More

Reebok ZPump Fusion Sneakers
Reebok ZPump Fusion: The Revolutionized Running Shoe
March 14, 2015

Are you still looking for the best running shoe that will allow you to glide freely in the wind? Try the all-new Reebok ZPump Fusion, the newest and most revolutionary running shoe Reebok released this 2015. The shoes are soft enough to be able to uniquely conform to just about any shape or size of Read More

Nike Hero Bra Accessories
Nike Pro Hero Bra: The Nike Bra to Unleash Woman Power
March 11, 2015

Nike recently released the newest addition to its Nike Pro Bra Collection. Called as the Hero Bra, it boasts of U-back design and high support. This Nike bra comes in 20 sizes, which means one will definitely fit your frame. Tagged as the newest item in the high support silhouette collection, this bra was a Read More

So it's blue. We got answers at SoJones. News
What Color is this dress? SoJones weighs in
March 8, 2015

We know that you have probably been watching the news and seeing this dress come up on your television screen. Now we want to bring the discussion to SoJones once and for all so you can weigh in on what this dress color really is. Is this dress gold like we think it is in Read More

Adidas Officially Welcomes Kanye West to its Team News
The SoJones Focus: Kanye speaks at Oxford
March 5, 2015

SoJones is happy to present a new way of looking at life: with Retraining The Village doing work for the homeless and veterans in the Bay area, we are happy to bring to you the best of Kanye West’s vision for a more creative, expressive generation of artist.     The fact is, Kanye has Read More

Anna and SoJones make a real team for fashion consultation. Lifestyle
The SoJones focus: Anna Del Russo
March 2, 2015

We love to get a lot out of the creative writing process, and with Drake taking over the charts in a major way, you gotta know that the new winners on the runway will be playing some great music from Toronto with love. Our focus today is on sexy creative Anna Del Russo, who is Read More

Still going hard. Maybe a song with Drake comes this year? News
Madonna falls on stage during Brit Awards
February 27, 2015

Well we sure know that Madonna still wants to be known as the fossil of the industry that everyone still loves and worships. This can only mean that Taylor Swift is the fashion queen of the industry that Kanye wants to work with. We are starting to get why Katy Perry called Kanye the ‘villain’ Read More

Selena Gomez Style & Trends
Best Celebrity Fashion Transformation
February 23, 2015

Celebrities do change a lot – from the color of their hair all the way to their overall fashion sense. Some of these transformations are worth raving about. Listed below are the 10 celebrities whose fashion transformations have done them well. 10. Rihanna This girl from Barbados entered the music scene with baggy pants and cropped shirt. The Read More

The crew got clout. News
The SoJones focus: Empire
March 16, 2015

While SoJones has been catsitting at home, you can bet that everyone is looking at the show that has tons of people talking about what happens every wednesday on Fox. The show shows you what happens when you have ladies stuck in jail, wondering if they should snitch to get to the top again. Meanwhile, Read More

New York Fashion Week Style & Trends
Discover: The Five Major Fashion Events of the World
March 13, 2015

Fashion forward individuals shouldn’t allow themselves to be left behind when it comes to the latest fashion trends. And to help you with that, there are at least five major fashion shows that the whole world looks forward to twice every year. Learn all about these well-publicized fashion weeks and get updated with the newest Read More

Martin Margiela Style & Trends
Ridiculous Runway Creations by Famous Fashion Designers
March 10, 2015

World-renowned fashion designers worked so hard to create a good name for themselves. But why would they throw it all away with one fashion faux pas on the runway? We could never understand why some designers will deliberately create runway pieces that look odd and outrageous. But then again, bad publicity is still publicity, right? Read More

New Balance WX811 Sneakers
New Balance WX811
March 7, 2015

New Balance has something new for women this week, and it comes in the New Balance WX811 package. Designed especially for women’s high intensity training, these super-soft and well-cushioned trainers come with the unique, tape-inspired upper material. But its main feature really, is its lightweight and strategic support. These are what will take your training Read More

New Balance 1080V5 Sneakers
New Balance 1080V5
March 4, 2015

If you’re looking for something new at New Balance, check out the 1080V5. This dashing new pair that usually comes with the striking Yellow with New Titanium and Red color way is ready to give your feet the most luxurious cushioned experience. Wear it and you’re soles will never mind all those miles. In fact, Read More

Conor McGregor News
Conor McGregor is Reebok’s Newest Endorser
March 1, 2015

Reebok is excited to announce that its partnership with the most inspiring and exciting athlete in the UFC is now official. The newest face to grace Reebok’s advertisements is none other than UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor. Reebok sees McGregor as the best fit to promote the brand’s tough fitness message. It can be recalled Read More

Supra Hummer Run Sneakers
Supra Hammer Run: Light Weight and Trendy
February 26, 2015

  The new Supra Hammer Run is a reinterpretation of Jim Greco’s signature skate shoes of the same name. The only difference? This one provides the most light-weight running experience. And it was something that sneakers fanatics have never felt before. Get ready for the lightest, most comfortable, and trendiest skateboard sneakers the market has Read More

Mainline Menswear Adidas Originals Trainers Contest Sneakers
12 Pairs of Adidas Originals Trainers Up for Grabs
February 22, 2015

How would you like to receive one new pair of Adidas Originals Trainers each month of the year? Yes, that’s a total of 12 hot new pairs to be given away, right from the store and straight to your door. The contest is in line with the shoe brand’s newest promotion of 2015 and Mainline Read More