Urban Winter Fashion Suggestions

Dressing up during the cold days doesn’t mean you have to let go of your usual flair for style in the name of comfort. As a matter of fact, many women look forward to the winter season to get their coats and parkas out of the closet and into the streets. If you want some inspirations for your urban winter fashion look this year, check out these suggestions.

Urban Winter Fashion Look #5: The Hobo Look

The Hobo Look

Exciting colors have always been a part of an authentic urban fashion look. This winter, mixing patterns and colors will give you this eclectic yet very fashionable look. Wear the right kind of hat and you’ll be in for that unmistakable Boho look. Are you loving these winter fashions yet?

Urban Winter Fashion Look #4: The Sweater Thing

The Sweater Thing

Are you a sweater lover? Then it’s time for you to get the trendiest one out of your closet to strut it around town. Simple but exciting, this patterned sweater goes really well with a printed skirt of the same shade. The look is tied all up with a pair of skinny jeans and black boots. Feeling confident enough? Now go out there and check out the people’s reaction.

Urban Winter Fashion Look #3: Shorts on a Winter

Shorts on a Winter

Who says you can’t wear shorts on a winter? Sure you can. And almost any other type too. The trick is to wear a long coat to go with it. Just find the kind that would protect your equally long legs from the cold outdoor weather. You may play with the colors all you want. In this case, a mustard-colored pair of shorts is used. Pair the shorts with a white blouse and a scarf and you can go places with this cool winter outfit.

Urban Winter Fashion Look #2: The Office Winter Wear

The Office Winter Wear

The winter is no excuse for not coming into the office nicely clad in your usual skirt. You can simply wear a trendy robe over your office wear and match it up with a pair of boots. If you can go casual with your office wear, try wearing a turtle neck under the robe to get a more accented urban winter fashion look. Going monochromatic won’t hurt, but a dash of color with your undershirt and boots will go a long way. And oh, this urban fashion look also calls for a stunning belt. The belt will wrap everything up so be sure to pick the one that’s perfect with the whole ensemble.

Urban Winter Fashion Look #1: The Casual Jeans, Boots, and Jacket

The Casual Jeans, Boots, and Jacket

Looking chic and trendy on a winter is easily achieved with the right clothes in the color combination. Your usual skinny jeans paired with low-cut boots will go well with three layers of tops. Just wear a jacket in the shade that matches your jeans and you’ll look dazzling like the snow on a fine winter day. And yes, you can pull this look with or without the beanie.

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