SoJones gets close and personal with Stevie Boi

At this point, we better get the throne and jewels out for Stevie Boi because Vogue thinks this guy is totally the chosen one. That’s why we are fangirling at SoJones because Steven Strawder has a show coming January 19th! It’s gonna be such a busy year for our #1 sunglasses guy.

Photoshoots with Amber Rose? SoJones has the scoop!

Photoshoots with Amber Rose? SoJones has the scoop!

1. What will you do for the upcoming season to mix it up for your fans and newfound admirers?

Great question. This upcoming season I decided I wanted to create a collection that was pure and simplistic. My next collection is entitled ‘CR3AM’ It is an all white collection that I feel will be sophisticated an refreshing compared to my past dark collections.

2. What can we expect on your new show ‘all eyes on stevie’ coming January 19th?

My new show ‘All Eyes On Stevie’ that airs on DreamNation TV is basically following my journey as a fashion mogul. We will also show me moving into acting. I recently was casted for two films and two television series. My goal for 2015 is to take over hollywood. We will also show the journey of me creating my collection ‘CR3AM’ and showcasing it at Mercedes Benz Fashion week February 14th 2015.



3. What was it like speaking with Oprah on your dreams? What advice did she give you that you would like to share with sojones readers?

It was brief but mostly informative. I learned so much in D.C being around people like her and other idols of mine. The best advice I received was to continue striving to be the best I want to be. 

So Spicy and on Top with Sojones!

So Spicy and on Top with Sojones!

4. Now you have simpsons characters wearing stevie boi? You really are taking over fashion! What celeb would you just love to see wearing your glasses next? Maybe Lorde?

Thank you! I would love to work with Erykah Badu. Ive always had an appreciation for her. Also I would love to work with Lorde.

5. I think it is so smart how your twitter looks like a black Friday sale for your gear. That’s probably keeping business coming since your glasses are in a higher price range.

Exactly! Finally someone gets my concept lol. I like to treat my social media as an art gallery/ store front. I think its important to sell but to also keep it personal. One thing about me is that many of my supporters or newcomers to the brand are afraid to reach out to me. I try my best to keep it about the brand but also approachable.

6. Mercedes benz fashion week and vogue have used your inspirations for their pages as well. Do you think you could be the fashion God that Kanye can only dream about being?

I am the Fashion God Kanye is talking about ;-) 

Oh he's confident. #Kanyecallstevie

Oh he’s confident. #Kanyecallstevie

7. Sojones would love to see you on Wendy Williams more. What did you think about the Aaliyah biopic that she green-lighted? Did you see it?

I love wendy williams. I am very inspired by her hard dedication to radio and now tv. In regards to the Aaliyah movie. I will say this. I grew up listening to Aaliyah. Her story is something only her family could tell. And to be honest I can say the film was rushed but thats just my opinion. I would never do a film without the families permission nor have such terrible casting.

The girl that played Aaliyah did ok, no shade to her but shade to everyone else. Oh and by the way. Wendy was just one of the executive producers, she was not the only person so stop blaming wendy for the film. But either way a new generation now has another icon to look up to.

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