Pittbull and La La Anthony 2
Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution Celebration

The newly opened Thomson Miami Beach Hotel has staged the first of what could be a series of successful shows for the rest of the year. International rap artist Pitbull ushered in the New Year through a high-energy star-studded show in this beachfront hotel that featured 380 guest rooms and 4,700 sq ft of multifunction space. Read More

back to the basics at http://estrategypro.com
New SoJones Heat: Dysmanic Presents: Yoga Flame

When you need to get the work in like Migos and others, you might look at Ackronym Inc. and Dysmanic as the next trappers that get it in. So where to go from here when you have done the selfie video and took it to a new perspective? Dysmanic is from St. Helena, but recently did Read More

we know Chris wants a piece of the action. #takethat
Drake sees the back of Diddy’s hand real quick!

We always knew that drake and his antics would piss someone off royally. Now that we have the ultimate proof that Diddy and Cassie are two people you basically stay away from unless you are serving them truffles off a tray. With Trey Songz being responsible for dead women elsewhere, Drake went to the hospital Read More

chris rock and kanye west
Chris Rock goes in on Kanye West

When you have funnyman Chris Rock telling you who his top 5 is, you listen up. That’s why SoJones wants to get to the heart of why you shouldn’t be so appalled that Rock believes ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy‘, is #1 in his book. We would have to agree- when you have producers wearing Read More

All the history right here with SoJones!
Hip Hop hall of fame launches $1 million campaign

With half a million dollars already pledged, we got this event popping off like it needs to! The funds for this event will be used to finalize the site lease, facility design, construction, equipment, staffing, and two years of operation. Perks include being a part of the first ever Fan Interactive Exhibit, discounts on Hip-Hop Read More

New Balance
New Balance Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

The New Year is almost here and New Balance is not about to be left behind. Clearly starting the year right, they are all set for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection as early as now. Releasing three new sneakers from its UK factory, New Balance fans can expected three new designs of the CT300, 1500, and Read More

Ali Express 11-11
Reliving the Ali Express 11-11 Sale

Last November 11, Ali Express and its seller partners staged a one-day sale across the world. The global event was participated by 207 countries from Greenland in the north all the way to Chile in the south. The festival was so successful that there were a total of 6,800,000 packages sold, processed, and sent on Read More

The Office Winter Wear
Urban Winter Fashion Suggestions

Dressing up during the cold days doesn’t mean you have to let go of your usual flair for style in the name of comfort. As a matter of fact, many women look forward to the winter season to get their coats and parkas out of the closet and into the streets. If you want some Read More

Photoshoots with Amber Rose? SoJones has the scoop!
SoJones gets close and personal with Stevie Boi

At this point, we better get the throne and jewels out for Stevie Boi because Vogue thinks this guy is totally the chosen one. That’s why we are fangirling at SoJones because Steven Strawder has a show coming January 19th! It’s gonna be such a busy year for our #1 sunglasses guy. 1. What will Read More

You made it to the top. Now redefine the bar. #sojonesrhymes
SoJones finance: 7 most exclusive credit cards in the universe

Now that you are possibly ballin from finding new fans on SoJones, we want to hit you with the lick you get when you fix your credit and have your Ferrari you worked so hard for outside. Now that we have your full attention, let’s look at the cards you can carry around with you Read More

Dear Lord can you hear me? #Hiphop2014
Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift are best buddies now?

SoJones is once again at the round table showing you some racial relations that could put some cream in your coffee today. Kendrick Lamar and Taylor might have some issues letting the haters know that they have made it after this one hits the streets! King Kendrick has loved Taylor Swift’s new song “Shake it Read More

SoJones right on top form like these sexy 3 ladies.
The SoJones Focus: Nicki Minaj and the 2014 AMA’s

After a while, when you have the ambitious Nicki Minaj (now 31) dying to break another record on the billboard charts, people are going to have to give some props for inspiring women to put the ‘anaconda’ to use. We sure got a taste of that at this year’s AMA’s, where Nicki Minaj, Jesse J, and Read More

Turn up for a check! #sojonesDJbaby
Paris Hilton is a billionaire from fragrances

When you can win like our main girl Paris Hilton, you will never have to look for meals on the streets like the homies in the Silicon Valley on the other side of the fence. Paris is in a place of her own with a lot to show for her portfolio of 16 other licenses in clothing, Read More

fashion police
Fashion Police – What will be the Future?

With the loss of Fashion Police’s life blood, Joan Rivers, a lot of viewers think that the show will never be the same again. But as the famous Hollywood adage goes- “the show must go on”. And it will. Fashion Police will still continue to air even at the absence of Joan Rivers who recently Read More

The SoJones Discussion: The miseducation of black america

SoJones.com is in the kitchen once again giving you the best writing you ever saw in your life. Along with our hero of the day, Sir Charles Barkley, we want you to enjoy the back links we are serving up and leave a comment about what is going on. We all know Charles Barkley loves Read More

The SoJones Salute: RIP Oscar De La Renta

We all know Oscar De La Renta for his massive collection of clothing that inspired generations, from J. Lo to Penelope Cruz. For more than four decades, Oscar has shaped the wardrobe and inspired others to share in the elegance: what’s better than that? SoJones remembers in the late 60s and early 70’s, when U.S Read More

penelope cruz - sexiest women alive
Penelope Cruz named sexiest woman alive

SoJones knows some of you guys love your sexy woman to be a bookworm or maybe just a web strategy consultant. Whether she is like Iggy Azelea or shaking it like Nicki Minaj or glamming it up like Lady Gaga is up to you, but SoJones wants to know what you think about the 40 year Read More

Reebok x Mita Electric City
Reebok Anniversary Offering: ‘Electric City’ Classic Pumps

The Reebok Classic Pumps are celebrating its 25th year anniversary this year. And as the Reebok anniversary offering, Mita collaborates yet another time to create ‘Electric City’. The name give the these sneakers is in reverence to the neon-swamped city of Tokyo. It only follows that this revived Reebok anniversary pair comes in a stand-out mint shade Read More

nike air huarache
Nike Air Trainers News: The Huarache Hits the Market

All set for its launch, the Nike Air Trainers Huarache Premium is one of the nicest pair of trainers that athletes and fitness buffs can look forward to this year. This new pair made is specially for performance and swift running activities – a combination that is simply too good to ignore. The first Air Read More

kanye west
Adidas Yeezy 3: Kanye West Reveals Release

Kanye West said his new sneakers collection is going to be released by Adidas. And he further revealed that the Adidas Yeezy will be launched this November. His previous sneaker collaboration was with Nike. Apparently, that ain’t no more. He announced all of these at his concert in Perth on September 6, 2014. What was not revealed, however, Read More

Life is a Luxury: Luxurious Vida

Once in a while, we stumble upon an up-and-coming brand that we think would be a good addition to our list of new favorite streetwear brands. One such brand is Luxurious Vida, which has recently released its collection of collaborative pieces. The brand believes that no matter what our differences, we are united by the Read More

Adidas Originals Collection for Fall & Winter 2014: Pastel Pack

Rita Ora continues on collaborating with Adidas Originals for the Fall and Winter 2014 collection. But this time around, the UK pop starlet decided to use pastel for her women’s streetwear collection. After the well-celebrated Adidas Originals Collection called the ‘Black’ pack, Rita went for the more colorful pastel shades for this collection’s powder-toned skin-tight bodysuits, cropped Read More

Kevin Durant for Nike
Kevin Durant is Still with Nike

With what seemed to be a tug-of-war fight between Under Armour and Nike, the latter reportedly won the battle after star endorser Kevin Durant inked an almost $300 million deal with the long-time shoe giant. Kevin Durant’s new contract will run for 10 years, which is a far cry from the $60 million he received in Read More

Kobe Bryant for Muse
Kobe Bryant Stars in His Own Documentary ‘Muse’

All set for its November premier, LA Lakers star and Nike shoes endorser Kobe Bryant stars in a documentary film that features himself as an athlete. Entitled ‘Muse’, the documentary captured the many things that made him the basketball superstar that he is. To be aired this fall on Showtime, its first trailer was exclusively Read More

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