Our hero is in deep devotion to innovation. Shout out to Elon Musk!
Kanye Speaks with Paper Magazine

If you want some good insight, we got that here with Kanye and his vision for what can be achieved with vision and better artwork fused with fashion. Since we have Stevie Boi that propelled Kanye to the fashion world along with Givenchy, you now have Time magazine and other publications recognizing that Kanye is Read More

Cara Delevingne 2015 Met Gala
2015 Met Gala: A Red Carpet Fashion Event

The Met Gala is formally referred to as the Costume Institute Gala, a glamorous fashion event that is staged every year for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As expected, big name celebrities graced the event and they appropriately followed this year’s theme: ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’. Although Read More

Welcome to real luxury.
Maison Kitsune opens on New York’s lower east side

As a previous writer of Limite Magazine, I know a big story when i see it. Now we got a new store on the lower east side. Knowing Maison Kitsune will ensure that you are up to date with all the real exclusive clothes that rappers like Future and Pharrell Williams wear. Artists like Digitalism Read More

Nike Golf Ripple
Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy Stars in Nike Golf Film ‘Ripple’

Two of today’s most talented golf players are featured in the Nike Golf Film ‘Ripple’. The accomplished shoe company chose that title in the hopes of creating a ripple effect amongst its viewers. The film is intended to capture the influence of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy by featuring their inspirational journey. The film also Read More

Ciara: the ultimate scorpio girl. #samebirthday #Oct25th
The SoJones news: Ciara at the breakfast club

When you have been in the industry as long as Ciara, you can bet that she has some interesting things to share as her newest album, ‘jackie‘ is ready to go on May 5th. Now that we know her breakup with Future is definite, you know that we are ready to hear about Ciara’s emergence Read More

Kendrick Lamar for Reebok’s Ventilator Day Glo

The partnership of Kendrick Lamar with Reebok continues on as he becomes the ambassador for the brand’s newest release, the Ventilator Day Glo. In line with its promotion, Reebok Classics Presents created a short film entitled “Be Ventilated”. The said film will feature Kendrick Lamar, who, since the start of his collaboration with Reebok, has Read More

Toronto with us, that's major!
The SoJones focus: Poet Jack Williams

A very respected artist has joined forces with SoJones to give you more of that thirst you want to quench with good poetry. Jack Williams is a mastermind of another level with giving you calming poetry to soothe you. here we will celebrate some really cool poetry to celebrate various things in life we want Read More

Go Fetti sauce game is on a mission.
Go Fetti Presents: Paul Walker

As a writer, it’s always been about giving you the real entertainment that benefits you to laugh as you sit on your job. Now, even if you are just kicking back, you can enjoy this annotated video of Go Fetti Sauce game and Dysmanic in Oakland. Paul Walker is a viral project created by these Read More

Big time winning! #56nights
The SoJones review: Future ’56 nights’

Sojones really likes when a scorpio rapper can go in like a surgeon on beats that are dipped in butter. this bay area writing just gets better, because we know that the fakes are out there. Future just delivered one of the best mixtapes of his career this far, but that’s just the result of Read More

Win Two Pairs of PUMA Trinomic XT1s

PUMA, in cooperation with JD Sports, is cooking up something exciting for all its fans and Twitter followers. The launch of the PUMA Trinomic XT1 will come in the form of a contest where anyone from the UK and the US is eligible to join. PUMA and JD Sports partners up with five influential magazines Read More

The crew got clout.
The SoJones focus: Empire

While SoJones has been catsitting at home, you can bet that everyone is looking at the show that has tons of people talking about what happens every wednesday on Fox. The show shows you what happens when you have ladies stuck in jail, wondering if they should snitch to get to the top again. Meanwhile, Read More

So it's blue. We got answers at SoJones.
What Color is this dress? SoJones weighs in

We know that you have probably been watching the news and seeing this dress come up on your television screen. Now we want to bring the discussion to SoJones once and for all so you can weigh in on what this dress color really is. Is this dress gold like we think it is in Read More

Adidas Officially Welcomes Kanye West to its Team
The SoJones Focus: Kanye speaks at Oxford

SoJones is happy to present a new way of looking at life: with Retraining The Village doing work for the homeless and veterans in the Bay area, we are happy to bring to you the best of Kanye West’s vision for a more creative, expressive generation of artist.     The fact is, Kanye has Read More

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor is Reebok’s Newest Endorser

Reebok is excited to announce that its partnership with the most inspiring and exciting athlete in the UFC is now official. The newest face to grace Reebok’s advertisements is none other than UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor. Reebok sees McGregor as the best fit to promote the brand’s tough fitness message. It can be recalled Read More

Still going hard. Maybe a song with Drake comes this year?
Madonna falls on stage during Brit Awards

Well we sure know that Madonna still wants to be known as the fossil of the industry that everyone still loves and worships. This can only mean that Taylor Swift is the fashion queen of the industry that Kanye wants to work with. We are starting to get why Katy Perry called Kanye the ‘villain’ Read More

big time red carpet talk.
LeBron James producing first ever NBA fashion show

Now with the NBA knowing how to throw a bigger fashion party, we will be sure to entice you into our new world. Most people would love to have a dedicated blog that blends the sports world with fashion highlights. We sure enjoyed the All-star game and all the moves that Stephen Curry put out Read More

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Rare Gold Sneakers from Nike

Being the best soccer player in the world has its perks. For Cristiano Ronaldo, there’s more to receive than just his third Ballon d’Or award. Nike congratulates him with a very unique, undeniably rare, and highly special golden boot. Named as the Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold boot, this exclusive pair of sneakers will be especially Read More

Sam S Grammy
The SoJones Recap: 2015 Grammys

With so many artists getting recognition for their skills, we knew that Sam Smith would come home with a ton of hardware! Hopefully he will be in his loft wearing Stevie Boi shades and sipping on some margheritas. We love the guy and wish him and Beyonce that duet that would be so special. Even Read More

come inside and learn more at sojones.
Stevie Boi Presents: All eyes on Stevie

We love Stevie Boi and the fact that him and Beyonce are good buddies thanks to his brilliant designs. On the other hand it’s a shame that Beck can’t even accept an award without Mr. West claiming crazy. We have some exclusive interview questions we are whipping up, but for now I wanted to draw Read More

Miss Berry, so sexy for Revlon.
The SoJones Focus: Revlon CEO gets fired for racist comments

Be careful out there folks! It has been recently reported that Revlon is having issues within the whole team. A scientist who worked previously with the company is now reporting that the CEO is saying extremely nasty things about Jews and blacks. SoJones loves everyone and will not stand for disrespect among the minority communities: Read More

Miss Ireland
Bizarre National Costumes at Miss Universe 2015

Beauty queens from all over the world convened at Doral, Miami to vie for the most coveted Miss Universe 2015 crown. As always, one of the most celebrated parts of the event is the presentation of the girls in their national costume. And very much like it was in the recent years, there were costumes Read More

6 god and the sales god team up. #torontogold
Drake brings in 2015 with Las Vegas

SoJones has been very proud of what Drake has been able to do in hip hop in general. Now we will usher in 2015 with a toast to life and finding out what really is important. Fresh out the spa, we know how it feels to detox from all the drama out there. It’s easy Read More

reach for the stars.
The SoJones Fashion sense: Athos Sport Wear

SoJones just got some major sexy on at the powerhouse gym in Redwood City. Why, you ask? We got invited to try out the new Athos shorts because they track movements as you workout. With sensors and high-tech wearables being the craze these days, there isn’t much else of a place to do it all Read More

2014 hot celebs lookback: Kendall Jenner

SoJones was always at the parties with the young beauties, but we gotta say that one star is really grabbing our eye this year and definitely got the eye of Tyga and One Direction fans worldwide. Scorpios already have the world on lock, and anything a woman of this zodiac sign does (usually) you will Read More

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