Libra and Gemini make it hot for #Balmain
H&M X Balmain: How long did you stand in line?

Ever since mega celebrities Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West linked up and started wearing the high end fashion house clothing Balmain, everyone has wanted to get their hands of anything with the name on it. This article will also feature a classic poem from Jack Williams, the Mob boss of death in the peninsula. Read More

King shit.
The SoJones find: Drake discovers Kodak Black

We at SoJones have been hanging out at the church of Lurch while those funny style security guards at Mcdonalds hate on the block party we got going on content wise! With the discipleship now setup, you might be able to relate when someone like Drake gets on instagram and starts dancing. It’s really becoming Read More

We  at the end zone, high stepping prime time.
The SoJones Focus: Moka Blast

We at SoJones have always been purveyors of real game, so we thought it would be appropriate for Kendrick or anyone else to step aside as we introduce the King of NY. Touted as that by top 5 dead or alive rapper Jadakiss, we wanted to naturally reach out to Moka Blast after his performance Read More

Funny girl. #sojones
The SoJones Funny: Amy Schumer’s SNL monlogue

We love to laugh here at SoJones, and if we aren’t lamenting off the ignorance of ol’ grandma and her hatred for greatness, then we are at the house puffin ‘ that pine giving out valuable secrets of Amy Schumer SNL monologue. to the universe. After such a depressing display of sports on behalf of Read More

We know Willow Smith fans are turnt up right now with SoJones.
The SoJones Focus: Willow Smith

We all knew that Willow Smith would make her move soon, so now we have the report that all you fans wanted. Willow Smith has joined the same agency that Kendall Jenner is on. The Society has been around for many years and is very respected, so guess what? Willow is 14 with a lot Read More

We like these on anything walking.
The SoJones Focus: Apple Watch X Hermes

We got that tech swag for you in our remix of usual fashion news. We can imagine if you have the money to spend on this type of beauty, you would pair it with something from our sponsors. Let’s also look at brand Adidas who signed a deal with Kanye. Thye have great clothes, so Read More

Is Kanye convincing you to buy his new clothing line? #sojonesasks
Inside Kanye West’s New York Fashion Week show

We always knew that Kanye West would eventually see his dream come true about fashion. But did we think it would be with Adidas? As the sports powerhouse that it is, linking up with a music titan like Kanye Would make sense since the shoes were an instant success. Let’s go into detail about some Read More

She's on tour, hopefully with Stevie Boi very soon! #teamstevieboi
The SoJones Drama: Taylor Swift in an African White world?

We all knew what Yo Gotti was talking about when he wanted his life to be ‘cocaine crazy’, but we at SoJones never expected to see Taylor Swift taking over Africa. On this latest venture into Hollywood raising kids and adults, we see Taylor Swift studying what makes Africa so fascinating in the first place. Read More

Alexander Wang Says, “Do Something!”

Possibly driven by the stance to assume social responsibility, Alexander Wang gathered all his friends in the fashion industry and created a very special campaign in a form of a fashion collection that doesn’t just flatter, but also initiate a strong call to action. Alexander Wang created street fashion clothes – worn by the likes Read More

Wild as Nicki in bed? We hope so!
2015 VMA fashion best and worst dressed

Did you get to watch the VMA’s last night? Other than laughting at the ridiculous antics between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift? After all that drama, you will love to read this tidbit on Amber Rose and Blac Chyna we got from “We’re just embracing the negativity,” Rose told ET of the statement, “because regardless Read More

Check out the scene with our perspective.
Stevie Boi cops a new Ferrari and Vegas awaits!

We have been following the career of Stevie Boi for so long, and now we are happy to let you know that there will be plenty of good times for you to indulge in as we take you to Vegas with our friend Stevie Boi. Recently on the blog, we uncovered some jewels to look Read More

Nadia is the hero fashion needed.
SoJones model of the Week: Nadia Aboulhosn

SoJones loves when a sexy Virgo can show the world how to stunt like Drake does on these average rappers. While we have Marcus Marsaliss ranking Go Fetti videos for the win, we will be sure to present you with this awesome interview with plus size model Nadia Aboulhosn. According to, which did an Read More

On top with the Power loopers. #drake
The SoJones focus: Drake hits a home run in Toronto

We know this will be the ultimate hip hop class that you want to turn up to. We got that back to back content circus that you need for better results in the studio. In honesty, we know that you will want to know about how Drake put Meek Mill in the dust with this Read More

Big time SEO with #sojones
Rap Radar presents: Hongry and Amaze 88

We at SoJones have been paying close attention to the Instagram and Soundcloud accounts of Amaze 88 and Hongry. According to Amaze’s Soundcloud the duo are releasing an EP titled “Sooner Than Later” with Amaze 88 handling all the production and Hongry taking care of vocal duties. We are sure that SoJones will be the best way to Read More

Grown man swag. #onpoint
Vegas Welcomes Stevie Boi for a week

We knew that the stock market might be down, but as far as shades go Stevie Boi just showed the fashion world another real rise from the start. With the worldwide tour going on now, guess who put on some Stevie Boi shades and posted about it on twitter? You guys know Ke$ha wanted to Read More

We do it the biggest at SoJones.
The SoJones Interview: Camp Lo

Hey SoJones! We we able to thankfully catch up with rap 90’s legends Camp Lo a while ago and finally got able to publish it for your enjoyment. We would like to thank Swurv Radio and the family for setting this up!   (credit to @dysmanic) • This new album of yours is entirely produced Read More

Akon continues to be the hero Africa needs.
The SoJones positive: Akon saves Africa

Now that hip hop is at a full time level of buffoonery, we want to bring attention to someone who is working to make the world a better place. You know that Akon has been busy being a philanthropist and more, so let’s just give the man props galore! According to Reuters- LONDON (Thomson Reuters Read More

Couple of the year? We think so.
The SoJones couple: Katy Perry X John Mayer

We at SoJones have been wondering where Katy Perry has been at. If it’s not touring, you will know that Katy has been spotted at Disneyland with her on and off partner John Mayer. Is this just a fling or something a lot more serious? We will see, but for now we gotta admit it’s Read More

Emaximus has passion in rap that reps west coast to the fullest!
The SoJones focus: Emaximus

We now have some really good news for those authentic west coast fans out there. Our rap hero Erik Johnson has made so many great moves in the rap game and now it’s awesome that Emaximus has so many different types of songs on Bandcamp. Soon, with his content tactics, he will not even need to Read More

Zulu leader and Taylor.
The SoJones Review: Taylor Swift x Kendrick Lamar

We at SoJones already knew that Taylor and Kendrick were homies in the music industry. This is just the icing on the cake. We finally got to see the collaboration and we think i’s pretty amazing. First we have the awesome looking Taylor jumping into an office and kicking butt from the jump. Will she Read More

Stevie Boi knows that Cream is what his fans want!
The SoJones Review: Stevie Boi with more marketing power

If you thought fashion mastermind Stevie Boi was going to turn down, you got another thing coming. The guy has just warmed up and his fans are throwing flowers at his feet right now. His Instagram pretty much has all the juice you could ever want, but we will sum it up here as well Read More

The SoJones Focus: Walker Ryan

SoJones is proud to have known Walker personally through his journey to the big screen. The best thing about our process is we have the scoop on who is perfect for helping us learn more about him- childhood friend David Cole. Here’s what we learned from the interview: SoJones: Thank you for your time. You Read More

A different look at excellence and cadence.
The SoJones focus: Bay area rap radar

Bay Area RAP Radar We’re excited to introduce an artist that has emerged out of the Bay Area. Go Fetti Sauce Game. GFSG is a rapper of whole different caliber, cut from a different type of cloth pushing nonconventional content with style and grace. But first, before we delve into Go Fetti, there are some Read More

Katya needs your help with crowdfunding. Please help today!
The SoJones focus: Katya Martin

As always we have exciting things to share with you on SoJones. Today we are sharing our interview with Model and Actor Katya Martin, who has been in tons of press events and films like our homie Xenia. Now with more beautiful ladies wanting to crowdfund their dreams, check out her Kickstarter page Here’s the interview Read More

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