Azealia Banks isn't too bright.
Azealia Banks Vs. Sarah Palin

We know you guys love a good twitter beef every now and then, just like Mary loves to catch East Palo Alto’s Don Juan stealing another bicycle off of the porch of Go Fetti’s home. According to palo alto daily: Azealia Banks posted an apology letter to Sarah Palin after the former Alaska governor threatened Read More

Tamar Braxton is leaving "the real".
Diddy opens charter school in Harlem

You know we got that education as well as that fashion news from Diddy especially. When you have the greats like El Jefe wearing your clothes, it’s only right that the New York Times does a story on what you are capable of: Sean Combs, the hip-hop mogul known as Diddy, steered the creation of Read More

Irma Bule set the stage in a passionate gaze whenever she sang.
R.I.P Irma Bule

We at SoJones know that accidents happen everyday and all over the place, but we want to give a big R.I.P. to Irma Bule for everything we represent here at the celeb/fashion headquarters. According to Palo Alto daily: Indonesian pop singer Irma Bule died this week after being bitten by a cobra used an an Read More

Follow gofettsaucegame on instagram to follow El Jefe fats, who has done a show with #2chainz
2 chainz wears a 38k Kobe hat

Well SoJones sure has had an event last week worth all the press. Fresh from the Maybach to the hood, SoJones is still in the trap like a damn brick and you know 2 chainz already did a show with Jefe, making this 20-city upcoming tour the F.L.R. gang’s real foray into the history making Read More

Join the movement and get more for your buck.
Stella and Dot moves to Brisbane

We know you SoJones lovers in the Bay area love to get exclusive news about big fashion companies and their goal for expansion: this time we are covering Stella and Dot- the exclusive fashion accessory shop for any lady out there who gets dolled up for a night on the town. According to San Mateo Read More

the best is unleashed in #Kobe
Kobe Bryant trashes Nick Young’s shoes

Kobe Bryant haters, this is your chance to make history and let everyone know why you might have a problem with everyone in the stadium after Kobe went blank on everyone and drops 60 points in his last game. According to Bleacher report: There was a time when Kobe Bryant was Team Adidas, but these Read More

Liek the CFO said, we were all in our bedrooms fantasizing about #mariahcarey back in the days.
Mariah Carey insures legs & voice

We know when a superstar like Mariah Carey got a show in Vegas coming up with Stevie Boi and SoJones is closer than a brother to the stars, some big money is about to be planked down on performances and being sure those vocal cords are safe. According to Palo Alto daily: Pop singer Mariah Carey Read More

You gotta put on to get like #Jtali
The SoJones focus: Jtali

As an emerging emcee out of Las Vegas, Jtali has had lots of opportunities to work with rap greats like Moka Blast. In this interview we learn more about that show with Tyga that had the girls front row rocking the the high octane energy. We do it big at #sojones each day we live Read More

Biggie Smalls will give generations many more visions to fulfill.
R.I.P Biggie Smalls

We know you guys remember when the late great Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Smalls was the type of person to make other Emcees feel inferior to him at any time. This is why we at SoJones will take the time out to pay tribute to a rapper that even platinum rapper J. Cole had to pay Read More

#SharayaJ reps Stevie Boi on the red carpet.
Stevie Boi covers Passport magazine

We all know you want that fashion news from the great Sojones, and we always have that ready for you as Stevie Boi hits another home run as Passport magazine gets intimate with the superstar that has emerged from the fashion shows that he’s been doing in cities like New York: You talk about the Read More

#halsey is a breathe of fresh air for music.
The SoJones focus: Halsey

We got legends already like Moka Blast and Stevie Boi tearing up the charts, but we have been noticing like girls like Halsey are prettier than ever. We know that she will be something really big, and already she is leaving a mark on people like no other. Her interview with pop justice was on Read More

Cuddle up close and read your favorite article on #sojones #kanyewest
Mess with Kanye West’ son Saint and you got a problem!

We at SoJones have been putting in that overtime work to make sure that Moka Blast and that upcoming Trey Songz show is bigger than life. Of course that will be the case, but in the meantime we have mainstream hip hop issues from the G.O.O.D music camp to keep you up with as well. Read More

Freddie Gibbs stays with a lot of great music.
The SoJones Focus: J. Cole

We know that you real hip hop fans love J. Cole and Dysmanic, and all the awesome stuff both of them are capable of doing while on the road. We also have a review from Dysmanic on the new Freddie Gibbs project: Freddie Gibbs | The Count In case you’ve been living under a rock Read More

El Chapo should read SoJones and try Sean Jean like Jefe wears.
The SoJones Focus: El Chapo fashion shirt

In between all this hip hop beef between many different parties of Drug Lords and T Mobile spokespeople in hip hop, we thought that this article about El Chapo would get your attention since a particular fashion item Chapo has been spotted with has now (for a while) been known. It’s in Los Angeles, this Read More

Drake Goes the Nice Guy Club in West Hollywood

Pictured: Drake
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Picture by: All Access Photo

Splash News and Pictures
Los Angeles:	310-821-2666
New York:	212-619-2666
London:	870-934-2666
Fashion News: Stevie Boi lands a shoe deal with Koio in Japan

Well we have a super awesome surprise for you this time, as Stevie Boi lands so many deals your head will spin. This is perfect because we were looking for cool shoes to buy this season, and it seems that we have found a beautiful     We got the official news from Stevie Boi Read More

Kanye let out his real beast inside.
SoJones sound off: New Kanye West

It just got real in the studio. We apologize for the inconvenience of not posting yesterday, but we had to let these slow pokes go as we get to the real cheese with the fly guy commitee LLC and this great blog. We appreciate the Leo’s of the zodiac for helping us understand what a Read More

Who wins? #sojonespick
Meek Mill and 50 Cent: They fight, they bite!

Well it looks like hip hop has just fed more flame to the grill. Just as Go Fetti and his accomplice escaped the circle of doom in palo alto, we learned that meek mill has aimed more shots at 50 cent this time. According to US Magazine: Yikes! Meek Mill is never shy when it Read More

David Bowie will be missed by many! #sojonestribute
RIP David Bowie

Every now and then SoJones has to say goodbye to someone so influential to music, even Kanye West has to say something on the situation. we ran into that situation when we learned this morning of the passing of mr. David Bowie. Known also to the world as Here is a quote from Pop music Read More

King Kendrick is a chart topping emcee from Compton.
The SoJones focus: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar recently had an interview with NY times, and we think this will be the first thing you want to read about how a humble, extremely talented rapper from L.A could possibly catch the grammy’s with MJ one day. You think it could happen? We Do! Following the release of his 2012 debut album, Read More

Justin Bieber Vs. SF Sidewalks

We at SoJones are definitely Biber fans, but since the latest album from the singer, “purpose”, came out, it’s been a little bit of drama regarding where to promote albums in an ever expanding city. According to NBC: San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera fired off a letter Monday to Justin Bieber’s record label, Def Read More

Meek Mill has to get better in 2016 #sojoneshiphop
Did white rappers get more popular in 2015?

SoJones has seen some of the best emcees in independent hip hop like Moka Blast and El Jefe Fats, so you know that we had to see what VICE was talking about in regards to what rappers like Post Malone and Iggy Azalea are being rated these days. Will the old days of Puff Daddy Read More

DANNIJO is a lovely crafted brand.
The SoJones focus: Dannijo

As always, SoJones will have the best tips for making a brand like curators like Xenia or Moka Blast. Since our beginning, people have been able to load up our pages, sit back and laugh at the adventures of the great writers of the penninsula. The brand DANNIJO is growing up to be a largely Read More

hey hot mama. #sojonesheat
Nicki Minaj lands an ABC family show

SoJones is still itchin it’s head on how Nicki Minaj wins so many awards over the genius of J. Cole, but we are waiting with bated breath on when this trend could backflip. For now, Nicki continues to reign in the jobs with this new show based on her life growing up. According to, Read More

Stand tall. #sojonesfamily
The SoJones focus: El Jefe Fats, Hood rich

SoJones is always into interviewing boss type individuals who make it happen on and off the court. We’re not just talking kings here, but Gods of the microphone and the well rounded hustle.  Today we look at why El Jefe Fats- doing shows with the likes of Loverance and more- is one to look out Read More

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