Master P Launches Master Pieces Watch Collection

Master P announced live on television network BET’s 106 & Park, he will be releasing a new line of luxury watches called Master Pieces.

No specific release date was given by Mr. Miller on the broadcast but Urb1’s affiliated resources believes it will be released either around spring time or early in the summer of 2004.

Master P, born Percy Miller, also commented on 106 that the watches would have colored precious stones for the bezels. However, he did not say specifically if the stones were diamonds, mossoinite, sapphire, rubies, or some sort of high priced stone..

The Master Piece watches are just a small part of the No limit fashion group.

Mr. Miller also owns a clothing line known as the Percy Miller Collection, which was started in the last few years. Originally The Miller collection was one of the most creative lines in Hip Hop fashion but has changed since, making what is seemilngly a P.M. professional sports jersey replica.

In the “Bout It Bout It Remix” music video, Master P and friends can be seen in his clothing line, next to Cam’ron and the Harlem Diplomats, who’s also seen wearing peronalized sports jerseys.

While some do not understand P’s decision on replica jerseys and choose to go for other brands, a main factor giving the Percey Miller collection a salese boost is the fact it’s an urban brand behind an Urban trend.

To view P.Miller Clothing goto The watch collection website, if launching, has yet to be announced.

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