NexLyne Exclusive

Since Fabolous, the known New York rapper who was infatuated with jerseys came out, professional sports apparel sales have been bananas. Jerseys, pants, coats, hats, and more have been exploited to the fullest it seemed. Well at least that’s what was thought by everyone. But guess what! Everyone was wrong.

NexLyne Incorporated released a series of urban style hats, gloves, fashion purses, casual purses, wallets and gym bags that got even iller! All original designs and are all copyrighted so no other person can release them, Nexlyne catered to the hiphop market almost directly with their products.

From Canada, the company has become the fastest growing brand name north of the US border in less than 6 months time. Currently sold at Foot Locker, Athlete’s World, as well as many independant stores in Canada, they have yet to hit the US market. However, NexLyne told URB1 that they are currently in talks with US stores to get it marketed in the US.

There is no website you can purchase it at online as of now, but their should be soon. Prices for NexLyne’s products wlil be priced competitively but the quality will be top of the line! The canvas purses are already being retailed at $39.99 and the platinum series purses are retailing for $49.99.

For the fellaz, of course are the “knitted toque” hats! They are retailing at $24.99 each. Some might recognize the toque hats as “jeep radar” hats but major difference is that there is no folding flap, which leaves the Nexlyne toque a cleaner image. The National Basketball Association featured their products on the NBA’s Canadian website version. Be sure to visit for more details.

Urb1 will keep you updated with information on when Nexlyne will release their NBA Collection in the United States stores. But you can cop their NCAA collection available this summer in an urban store near you. Until then, visit to view their products.

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