Infancy Exclusives Releases Stocks And Bonds Classic Sneaker Paintings

Nike, Jordan, adidas, and Reebok shoe fanatics are slowly catching onto the new commotion that’s spreading in different parts of the Northeast, United States. What is this new sneaker uproar about? Try abstract and realistic paintings of the shoes, these self described “Sneaker Geeks”, love to collect.

Entitled the “Stocks and Bonds Collection”, the creators of these paintings compare the fast growing sneaker-fan world to the Wall Street Stocks and Bond market. “The sneaker game is like the stock market these days, with anticipation and hype behind the constant release of many new sneaker products” says Jonathan Nelson, one half of the team behind this new art craze.

These “Stocks and Bonds” paintings are one of one creations that can be hung on any stylish home’s wall with class. Many levels above and beyond legal size paper prints and glossy posters, these paintings are going to be a limited edition collection piece for all of the top shoe collectors. “These are perfect for hanging above your stacks of shoe boxes, or in the hallway that needs decoration at my home” said one “Sneaker Geek” after viewing the paintings.

Nelson told in a personal interview that “The Stocks and Bonds Collection started from our love for sneakers. We decided to start doing these paintings in 2004 and will be randomly sending them to different sneaker boutiques around the US, and eventually around the World”.

“Stocks And Bonds” is a production of Nelson’s co-owned clothing line “Infancy Exclusives”. Infancy Exclusives, which has been featured in quite a few major magazine publications, as well as around the web, is known for its original, unique, and limited release clothing. From their clothing’s consumers, there’s already a list of names waiting to purchase their “Stocks and Bonds” paintings.

Infancy Exclusives will still release clothing as well, but at an even more limited pace than before. Retail prices are expected to make a slight increase during this period as time will be limited, while they put their love for sneakers into each painting.

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