Who is “Q.”, WorldStarHipHop Founder?

C.KhiD interviews the founder of WorldStarHipHop

SoJones founder, artist and entrepeneur C.KhiD aka Rod Rainey has been featured several times on the largest Hip Hop video content site,, showcasing his YouTube music videos and vlogs.

C.KhiD turns the tables on the mysterious founder of known only as “Q.”, to find out what’s good in Q’s fashion world.

C.KhiD: What’s your favorite sneakers or footwear?

Q., founder of WorldStarHipHop: Aww man… I like my Nike Airs.. My Air Jordans… I wear my Louis Vuitton Kicks … but I like my Nikes, they are comfortable.

I have a lot of fuckin flip flops too. I live out west so it’s easier to throw those on and walk somewhere.

C.KhiD: You have your Jean Cletas on man? *Laughing*

Q: *laughs* I look like a fuckin true Haitian out here. Imagine a big Haitian walking around like the world is your palace.

C.KhiD: Clothing lines, what you wearing right now?

Q: I wear a lot of basic things now. Button ups and some basic tees are cool.

I don’t wear the stuff with the brand going all across the chest. I ain’t a walking billboard.

I put on a plain black tee or a simple tee. A lot of underground t-shirt brands.

C.KhiD: Give me 3 models you think are straight blazed in the Hip Hop model world right now.

Q: Cubana Lust and Ms Natasha are two I like. Ms Natasha is the Kim Kardashian look-a-like and she’s real cool. A real down to earth model. Recently in that Lil Wayne Single music video, she’s been good with WorldStarHipHop.

Cubana Lust

Mizz Natasha

Cubana Lust has blown up and still down to earth as well. We broke her career on WorldStarHipHop and she’s remained loyal to us. She’s an amazing girl.

C.KhiD: What kinds of cars do you have now?

Q: I have a special edition Giovanni Lincoln Naviator truck. It’s one of the very few in the world. I feel since I’m WorldStarHipHop I need to have the car of a World Star. Shit’s nice. Has no handles, satellites, sitting on 26s, and government black. The car looks like a space ship. When I drive by, people stay looking like “who is this guy?” all the time. My Giovanni Navigator is killing.

I got an Escalade and a drop top Benz [CL550]. I got a few toys but not too many.

C.KhiD: You wants kids and a family or are you a player ’til the end?

Q.: I got kids. And I’m not a player, I just crush a lot. *laughs*

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