Parenting 101: Tattooing Your Children is Illegal

Here’s an editorial video on the incident:

Here are some interesting quotes from a defensive “Jo Jo” Marsh:

“If I’m such a bad parent, then how come they brought the kids back right after I got out jail?”

“I’m their mother. Shouldn’t I be able to decide if they get one?”

“I don’t understand why this got blowed up so big, I love my children, we’d never do anything to harm our kids.”

The sad part is, we believe Jo Jo. She and her boyfriend likely didn’t intend any harm nor were they neglectful. They just didn’t know tattooing your little ones is considered to be wrong, culturally and legally.

This brings up something else…sometimes I see infants with their ears pierced. Would that be considered abuse? How is ear piercing different from tattoos? Lets hear your thoughts in the comments!

Oh, and if you’ve not seen the below… you are missing something!!

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