adidas and Others in Derrick Rose’s Fake Gmail Inbox


Man, Derrick Rose has a lot of haters.

It’s understandable, though. The Chicago Bull point guard has been getting a lot of slack for not making his NBA return, even though Rose had been cleared since March to get back onto the court. Now that The Heat have knocked out The Bulls with a 4-1 series victory in the Eastern Conference semifinals on Wednesday (May 16), everyone will have to wait until next season for Rose’s return.

And, you know what else didn’t help? The documentary from adidas that chronicled Rose’s recovery from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The doc, which was called “The Return,” aired towards the end of 2012. Obviously, no such return happened.

Since so many people have been giving Rose a tough time, Beyond the Buzzer tweeted a fake, yet believable picture of what his Gmail inbox would look like.

Derrick Rose


The “messages” to Rose include one from Bulls coach, Tom Thibodeau, pleading for Rose to return, another from Bulls team physician, Dr. Brian Cole, reminding Rose (apparently for multiple times already) that he can play and teammate Joakim Noah changing the topic onto the league’s NBA “doping” policy.

There’s also some jabbing from RGIII (mocking Derrick’s ACL recovery), Bron Bron reminding everyone that Miami would advance (regardless if Rose was playing or not) and Bulls great Michael Jordan telling Derrick and the world that he’s the best.

There’s even an email from adidas which states that their sneakers can cause serious injury. For Rose, adidas and fans of the three stripes, that’s gotta sting. Especially considering that Derrick Rose signed essentially a “lifetime” contract back in Feburary 2012. The contract was reported to be for $260 million for 14 years.

Then again, if Rose keeps the bench warm, we’re not sure if adidas will back out of the deal.

Source: Bleacher Report

Email Image via  Sports Pickle 

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