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Sanise Damone

SoJones likes discovering emerging talents as much as updating you about Lil Wayne or Jay-Z. We caught up recently with hip-hop artist and entrepreneur Sanise’ Damone’  to discuss the Virginia Beach resident’s music and the video for her single “Make It Hott”. Sanise’ not only has her own clothing line for women, she’s also looking to take hip hop to another level.

When and how did you start making music?

SD: All honesty, I wrote the music based on a jingle for my clothing lines in which I was revamping. “Limelight” was the song that was started in June 2012. Since my music has been evolving, I am only concentrating on my sunglasses, so look for them March 1. Then someone ticked me off and I ended up writing all of the songs.

What is your music all about? The flavor, the lyrics, the beat…

SD: The music represents dancing. I just want people to dance to my music. When you walk in a club and the artist hears their song and people are dancing to it, it is a feeling you never forget. My lyrics are something I’ve been through. “Make it Hott” is about Strollin the Mall getting’ ready to ball yall know we be checkin’ out the fellas… “All Around the World” is just talking about traveling and grinding in the fashion world trying to get my product in different stores.

Sanise Damone

What inspires you to make music?

SD: What inspires me to make music is probably what most artists will tell you. Everyday life but it is always that something that penetrates your soul.

Who or what are your influences? If any.

SD: My influences are Pdiddy, Mary J, Trey Songz, and Lady GaGa.

Give us a little background of your video. Is this your first? Who wrote the song?

SD: This is my first video. I wrote the song and my featured guest is Marley J. The song is played heavily in the strip clubs. I mean no matter what you do in life “Make It Hott.” Whether you go to work, school, lawyer, doctor, “Make It Hott.” Be the best at what you do.

Is there anyone you want to thank?

SD: I would like to thank all the DJs and club owners from North Carolina, Atlanta, and Virginia for giving me the opportunity to have my music played in the clubs and the college radio stations ODU, Norfolk State.

Thanks, Sanise’ for your time, and good luck! SoJones friends, here’s the video for “Make It Hott.”

You can pick up the single “Make It Hott” over at the iTunes store or Amazon. And make sure to keep up with Sanise’ via Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about Sanise’s music? Sound off in the comments below!

Images via Sanise’ Damone’

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