Meow Mix! The Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey American Idol Snark Show

A huge fight broke out between the two divas – as many have predicted – on American Idol‘s audition taping that took place on October 2. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey actually cursed at each other, and guess who’s the bigger diva? Yep, it’s Minaj.

TMZ caught the fight on tape. In the video, Minaj is heard shouting:

“I told them, I’m not f*****g putting up with her f*****g highness over there.”

Of course, she was referring to Mariah Carey, who retorted:

“Oh why, why do I have a three-year-old sitting around me? Go have your little fit in that corner.”


Apparently, the fight broke out after Minaj and Carey disagreed over an aspiring contestant’s audition. So is this a stunt that American Idol staged to help jack up the ratings? Idol’s boss, Nigel Lythgoe, said:

“The fact is, there will be such a very good American Idol that there will be differences of opinions. And that is part of it.”

So it could be a scripted scene. However, insiders said that the Idol producers are on Mariah’s side, going so far as to say:

“Everyone is a fan of Mariah and completely on her side, and if Nicki Minaj continues to make things be such an issue, they would be happy for her to be fired.”

Sounds to us like”everybody would rather lose a $12 million deal than the $18 million. What do you think, SoJones readers? Who is the bigger diva here? Minaj or Carey?  And do you think the fight was real … or did it seem a little scripted?  Check out  the video from TMZ below:

Image Source: TMZ

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Asmara Wreksono

Asmara Wreksono

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Asmara Wreksono