It’s Starting: Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey “Creative” Catfight!

American Idol head honchos are doing everything they can to give their ratings a boost, and casting Nicki Minaj to sit on the judging panel with Mariah Carey is one of the most obvious strategies. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe says the new female judges have collided “in a good, creative way.”

“Nicki is very deferential to Mariah. [Nicki] says, ‘You do realize you’re auditioning in front of this incredible singer here. Why would you want to choose her song to sing?’ “

Ouch, we could almost see Carey’s claws coming out.

Lythgoe says the judges have been throwing lengthy critiques at the contestants, and although they’re very constructive, they drive Lythgoe crazy.

“It really has already become very constructive, to the point that I’m saying, ‘For Christ’s sake, shut up. Let’s move on.'”

However, in the midst of the frenzy, Lythgoe notes that Randy Jackson might be feeling a little bit “left out.”

“The kids that come in are either super fans of Nicki … or they are fans of Mariah, and they’ve been to Camp Mariah. And then Keith Urban [also has his] fans. So, Randy is sort of left.”

Poor, dawg. Let’s hope he’s been given good compensation for his return to the judging panel.

Image: Mariah Carey’s Instagram

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Asmara Wreksono

Asmara Wreksono

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Asmara Wreksono