Brian McKnight’s Adult Mixtape Sets Twitter Ablaze

Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia

R&B singer Mr. Brian McKnight set Twitter ablaze yesterday after he tweeted a YouTube video of a sexually explicit song entitled If You’re Ready to Learn. The song is said to be on an upcoming adult mixtape he is planning to put together, and is extremely different from McKnight’s usual love ballads, like One Last Cry and Back at One.

The songbird strayed from his romantic roots and got downright dirty with his lyrics on this song. In the video tweeted by the artist, McKnight sat at his piano and began playing what many thought would be another whimsical and romantic song, but instead, in is melodic voice over a sweet tune, McKnight sang out the following words:

 “Let me show you how your pu**y works / Bet you didn’t know that it could squirt.”

Yes, you read right! After just a few lines, McKnight was indeed a trending topic via Twitter. He received mixed reviews; some loved it, and others were completely revolted that the once mature and graceful singer would stoop to such vulgar lyrics.

McKnight did ultimately delete the clip from YouTube after many of his fans became offended. He replaced the raunchy song with one more suitable and safe. But, even after deleting the video, McKnight took to Twitter again and had this to say:

 “Funny how most of these folks have never been on my timeline when i wrote safe songs hmmmmm one sex filled song and im trending lol . . . Its just sad that this is what i had to do to get most of these people to even acknowledge me.”

It looks as if this may have been Mr. McKnight’s way of garnering some attention and publicity. However, if he does move forward with the adult mixtape, I’m sure there are quite a few people who would love it. Listen to McKnight sing his raunchy ballad below.

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