The Fly In FYSH Clothing

fysh-logoFour sneakerheads are FYSH (an acronym of Four Young Sneaker Heads). The humorous approach to their logo does not reflect the foursome’s seriousness in building their streetwear business. The realization of starting their own line came from their shopping habits as they camped out and travelled far and wide to find suitable threads to match with their weekly-purchased new sneakers. After wearing famous streetwear brands such as Diamonds, Crooks&Castles, Hundreds, Orisue et cetera, they started to make FYSH happen. Why FYSH? The idea came from one of the member’s father’s saltwater fish tank. The gorgeous and brilliant colors of coral reef replicas and other colors and patterns seen underneath the ‘ocean’ looked a lot like the sneakers they collected. FYSH was born with a nautical theme and ocean-inspired designs for the fly ones.

Not exactly a newborn in the streetwear industry, FYSH has produced items from t-shirts to beanies. Their original goal was to create graphic tees with the Fysh character, with a story behind each tee.  You can see more of FYSH at their official website: and get their stuff for $15 to $35. 

Below is a taste of the ocean from FYSH, taken from their Spring/Summer ’09 collection -and some of last season’s discounted items.







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Asmara Wreksono

Asmara Wreksono

Asmara Wreksono has a passion for everything related to celebrity, fashion, music (R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz are her favorites) and loves to write about them. In her spare time, she likes watching TV series and movies, sharpening her sketching skills and cooking. Asmara has been published in,,,, and many others.
Asmara Wreksono