C.KhiD gives away “Nike Head” ringtone

New York, New York ( June 25th, 2009 ) – Nike and Air Jordan shoe companies changed the way shoes were looked in the late 90s and current decade. While some clubs revoke unknown Nike wearers at the door, Yahoo studies finds Nike wearers to be the leaders of tomorrow. Inspired by the greatness of the sneaker culture he’s grown up in and actively participated, rapper C.KhiD’s set a fire under all stereotypes of ‘Nike Heads’ with his new Hip-Hop single.”I made Nike Head in a real optimistic mind set. I wanted it to represent the new generation that’s not stuck in a box. Yahoo had an article with study results that I feel were accurate. We rebel against topics as we see need, yes, but we’re the group motivated to make change… Pure Dreamers! Like Run DMC had My adidas, my generation now has Nike Head,” said C.KhiD of his new single.”

Closing in on 1 million plays to his songs, C.KhiD has created a growing internet demand while keeping underlying messages in his music. Comparing his “Nike Head” rap single to what Run DMC’s “My adidas” song was for the 80s generation, there is definitely a strong vibe in Nike Head for sneaker wearers to identify with.

“The song Nike head is screaming for acception of individuals as is. We come from an environment sneakers are common in and we thrive creatively there….don’t try to change us. We lose our that creativity and passion when people ask for change. Kinda like dumbing down as Lupe Fiasco might say. Nike Head’s just saying walk in what’s comfortable to you,” continued the young music artist..

Independent of a recording deal, C.Khid has agreed with to release the ‘Nike Head’ ringtone free of any charges. The Nike-personifying rapper is allowing Sneaker culture enthusiasts to download the ringtone free until (and possibly after) the Funk Master International Sneaker Battle, which is June 27th. Hoping to be in attendance of the event himself just to spectate and buy kicks, music personalities such as Drake, Fabolous, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Angie Martinez, and others will be there showing love for sneakers and cars!

For those with cell phones, get the Nike Head ringtone by texting ‘CKHIDMUSIC NIKE” to 69937. will allow you a free download link. Visit for more C.KhID music downloads..

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