SoJones New Music: The Niceguys Look to Reinvent the Wheel of Hip Hop

It’s rare, but every once in a while you come across true innovators. People who, whether on purpose or by pure coincidence, do something so out of the ordinary that they create a whole new way of thinking and understanding. They reinvent the way that people feel about something. Truman Capote was one, Miles Davis was Read More

The History of Hip-Hop Over the Years

Image Source   The Origins of Hip-Hop Image Source Hip-hop is believed to originate from African-American and West-African music, included the music of the griots. The griots of West Africa were a group of traveling singers and poets. Their musical style is reminiscent of what we call hip-hop and is part of an oral tradition Read More

#AMAs The Ultimate History of Hip Hop [SOJONES INFOGRAPHIC]

Embed this on your siteSource: #AMAs The Ultimate History of Hip Hop [SOJONES INFOGRAPHIC]Fresh off the American Music Awards from last night, SoJones is issuing a timely reminder on just how far we’ve come in the world of hip hop: our soup to nuts infographic documenting the history of hip hop culture. You think you know Read More

First Ever Las Vegas DJ Spinoff Blows the Roof Off

Monday night at Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan Hotel was out of control thanks to the first ever Vegas DJ Spinoff in the Boom Box room in the nightclub Marquee. In a nightlife-oriented town like Vegas, the hottest nightclub of the moment seemingly changes from week to week. With new clubs opening several times a Read More

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