Janet Jackson hopefully comes to the bay area to perform soon.
Janet Jacskon fans upset about tour cancelled

With all this tragic news about tours going sour and bullets flying at the latest T.I concert, we wonder where a music fan can go to find peace and a good time getting down to some awesome music. We hope Janet Jackson fans will be ready to get their refund if they haven’t already. Also Read More

Azealia Banks isn't too bright.
Azealia Banks Vs. Sarah Palin

We know you guys love a good twitter beef every now and then, just like Mary loves to catch East Palo Alto’s Don Juan stealing another bicycle off of the porch of Go Fetti’s home. According to palo alto daily: Azealia Banks posted an apology letter to Sarah Palin after the former Alaska governor threatened Read More

Follow gofettsaucegame on instagram to follow El Jefe fats, who has done a show with #2chainz
2 chainz wears a 38k Kobe hat

Well SoJones sure has had an event last week worth all the press. Fresh from the Maybach to the hood, SoJones is still in the trap like a damn brick and you know 2 chainz already did a show with Jefe, making this 20-city upcoming tour the F.L.R. gang’s real foray into the history making Read More

Liek the CFO said, we were all in our bedrooms fantasizing about #mariahcarey back in the days.
Mariah Carey insures legs & voice

We know when a superstar like Mariah Carey got a show in Vegas coming up with Stevie Boi and SoJones is closer than a brother to the stars, some big money is about to be planked down on performances and being sure those vocal cords are safe. According to Palo Alto daily: Pop singer Mariah Carey Read More

#halsey is a breathe of fresh air for music.
The SoJones focus: Halsey

We got legends already like Moka Blast and Stevie Boi tearing up the charts, but we have been noticing like girls like Halsey are prettier than ever. We know that she will be something really big, and already she is leaving a mark on people like no other. Her interview with pop justice was on Read More

Freddie Gibbs stays with a lot of great music.
The SoJones Focus: J. Cole

We know that you real hip hop fans love J. Cole and Dysmanic, and all the awesome stuff both of them are capable of doing while on the road. We also have a review from Dysmanic on the new Freddie Gibbs project: Freddie Gibbs | The Count In case you’ve been living under a rock Read More

From the store to the studio. #emaximus
The SoJones focus: Emaximus new single

Since emaximus has done it even bigger and copped the phat house on the hills, we at SoJones should catch you up with what is going on with one of the hottest rappers in the west coast right now. Since setting up his studio and making sure all the hits are fire, you can bet Read More

A legend forever.
The SoJones Farewell: Chinx Drugs

We know that hip hop is hurting big time right now. The streets have fallen to another soldier out in the rap game, as news has been official that Chinx Drugs has been killed in his own neighborhood. According to NY Daily News:   Lionel Pickens, 31, who performed as Chinx, was shot multiple times, Read More

Jay-Z and Kanye applaud their own efforts to stay relevant. #applause
The SoJones focus: Jay-Z Tidal music service

At this point we all know Jay-Z was focused on doing something bigger each time the industry put it’s creative hand in. This time, we might be able to see how Mr. Carter holds up against the bigger fish in the tech world. With such giants as Youtube and Spotify in this arena Jigga wants Read More

Beats Studio Wireless
The Best Headphones of 2015

The mobile music industry is quite big these days, and that is the reason for the rising popularity of portable music players and headphones. If you would like to know which headphones are considered as the best buys this 2015, read on. You may just find the one you are looking for right here. 1. Read More

P Diddy
10 Richest Rappers of All Time

Rappers may not look anything like your regular wealthy businessman, but some of them are worth more than you can imagine. Listed here are the 10 most popular rappers that have earned over $100 million in the course of their career. You may even be amazed that some of them are worth more than some Read More

Rapper Rahzel Jr’s ‘The Culture’ Music Video Released

After several months of waiting, rapper and Pelle Pelle brand ambassador Rahzel Jr’s ‘The Culture’ music video is finally released. The video’s premiere happened at MTV Jams on March 24, 2015 at 12nn EST. The music video was produced by !llmind and comes as a celebration of hip-hop music and its distinct notoriousness. Rahzel Jr was Read More

the vision is clear now. SEO and coding school makes for top notch raps.
An interview with Dysmanic

If anyone is ready to show you how to get it poppin in the rap game, it will be sojones. we have Dysmanic on a streak for supremacy, and this only means more introspection into who the entity Go Fetti is. With more music rolling out this weekend, we plan to give you a new Read More

The rap game went abstract. #dysmanic #ackronyminc
Dysmanic Presents: Go Fetti

When you have a creative rapper from the bay area who wants to bring a new face to hip hop, look no further than Dysmanic out of Oakland. After working with artists like D-Lo, Dysmanic is ready to become the next big producer anywhere. How will this happen? Simply because working with an expert at Read More

next time we might have Charli ready for an interview! #exclusive
The SoJones Focus: Charli XCX

In these days of pop music, a lot of people want something fresh to listen to. SoJones has always had it’s eye on one of the better songwriters from Britain. Charli Xcx released her latest album, sucker, in December 2014. Want more goth pop? SoJones is the trendsetting magazine you need to listen to.   We Read More

posted and ready for competition.
SoJones review: J. Cole ‘Forest Hills Drive’

In the hood, we sure have heard it all. From guys bailing out of jail with just a pair of shoes, to people not getting the concept of putting money first, you gotta know that J. Cole really hit the world with a special release last year. The album has already went Gold, and the Read More

The Music of Lyssen: Hot New Artist Fuses Rap, Rock, R&B and Poetry

If you are tired of today’s modern genre of music where the word ‘butt’ is a favorite lyrical word, you can have a breath of fresh air with Lyssen’s music. You can say that hers is a new ‘breed’ of music that fuses rock, rap, R&B, hip hop, and surprisingly, poetry. In her new song entitled “No Read More

we up in the morning gotta get bread. #sojonesgrind
The Sojones focus: Young Thug

You guys got us feeling good in this next year. Now you will see that artists like Young Thug and Iggy Azalea have exploded onto the scene. Here are some really special songs from artists we are digging even in the new year. Our 2014 artist of the year is none other than Young Thug! Read More

Boots and the gang.
Boots Riley and the Coup sign to Knitting Factory Management

SoJones has the scoop on Boots Riley and his new management team. Much congrats to everyone involved; check out the press release below! Los Angeles, CA – Knitting Factory Management, a division of Knitting Factory Entertainment, is pleased to announce the signing of political hip-hop artist Boots Riley and his revolutionary group The Coup. The Coup, fronted by legendary MC and Read More

new artists Nico and Vinz
The SoJones focus: 2014 Soul train awards

Who was able to catch the 2014 soul train awards? With this being one of the last black entertainment shows in the nation, SoJones is proud to present the winners of the event held November 7th, 2014.   Best New Artist August Alsina Jhené Aiko Nico & Vinz Sevyn Streeter Liv Warfield Mack Wilds Centric Award Read More

Rise of rap stars on SoJones!
SoJones & Emaximus presents: A beautiful mind LP

It’s so amazing how the best online hip hop magazine and the hottest rapper in the Bay Area right now have hooked up again for a vision to share and a plan to execute. We have a short interview with Emaximus to present you: What has changed since your last release in terms of inspirations? The Read More

Kid Ink with Sevyn Streeter. Big money on SoJones.com 24/7
SoJones music focus: Kid Ink

When you have hit after hit with Chris Brown, you know that next up for our streak of successful artists is rapper & singer Kid Ink. Working with artists like Meek Mill, Ty Dolla Sign, and more got Kid Ink the results he needed form one thing: a passion in producing. We can agree with Read More

infographic - history of music listening
The History of Music Listening [Infographic]

To all of SoJones readers and fans, we are happy to share with you a new and great Music related Infographic. It is really amazing to realize how technology had evolved in the past century or so and the following Infographic gives a great history review to all of us: Source

Akon and President Ali Bongo
Akon Launches “Akon Lighting Africa” to Help Bring Electricity to One Million Households in Africa by the End of 2014

It is not unusual for music artists to go beyond their way to provide help to people who are in dire need of assistance. We have seen celebrities, popstars, bands, and even rappers donate cash or organize a fundraiser for several charities. However, what music superstar and philanthropist Akon is doing is more than just Read More

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