LeBron’s Fly NBA Finals 2013 Fashion


LeBron James and the Miami Heat are on the brink of elimination from the 2013 NBA Finals. For King James to capture a second NBA Title, he’s going to have to make history.

LBJ will have to lead the Heat from a 3-2 Finals deficit. That’s something that legends by the name of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, for example, have never accomplished. But, despite what happens when the Spurs and Heat hit the court tonight, one thing’s certain: LeBron is going to show up in some fresh gear.

Throughout the NBA Finals 2013, LeBron has been arriving at the arena in some amazing kicks from PMK Customs. Last week, SoJones mentioned the custom black Balenciaga Arenas that LeBron rocked before Game 2. Those were some clean shoes that were made from Bottega leather with a tight black pattern and leather toe cap.

PMK (Perfectly Made Kicks) just sent SoJones some additional pics of LeBron sporting two more pairs of custom shoes.

Before Game 3 and Game 4, LBJ arrived in all “Blue” and “Red” Python Balenciaga Arenas, respectively. Both pairs of these luxury customs feature tonal python paneling throughout their uppers with some smooth leather on the heel and toe box.

Besides the classy custom kicks from PMK, LeBron has been showing up looking fresh altogether in terms of clothing. Check out the pics below to see for yourself.

Game 3


Besides sporting the “Blue” Python Balenciaga Arenas, King James strolled into the arena wearing an all-blue and denim outfit that perfectly complemented the color of the shoes. It’s a clean and coordinated look. This, kids, is how you make a fashion statement. Check out the “Blue” Python Balenciaga Arenas below:


Game 4


The following game, LeBron showed up in a more aggressive look. He paired the “Red” Python Balenciaga Arenas with a black pair of pants and a black shirt. He added a camouflage sleeveless jacket and a hat to spice up the ensemble. Another stylish look that was perfectly coordinated and fresh. Here’s a closer look at the “Red” Python Balenciaga Arenas.


It’s a shame that these shoes aren’t available to the public; they’re so slick. But,  you should  still get in contact with the guys at PMK by visiting their website,, or their Instagram pages @Mr_Pmk and @Kelt_Crenshaw. They’ll still be able to hook you up with a custom pair of kicks of your own.


* Editor’s Note:

This article was co-written by Albert Costill and Michael Mahon.





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