Before you get dressed make sure you check the Pros & Cons

Sometimes in life you are faced with a myriad of choices that force you to take a thoughtful, hard look at which is the right way to go. The same holds true for the street wear marketplace. With new clothing companies springing up left and right, it can be hard to sift through the noise and pick out original designs that are not recycled themes or solely built on brand hype. We sat down with Adrian Bennington of Pros & Cons, where he offered his take on the state of streetwear designs and why his brand stands ahead of the pack.

Get ’em while they last! Suits for $100K

A wise man once said “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.  I first heard that when I was a teenager and although it struck me as  catchy, I never got too deep on what it meant. However, after I saw the news this week about a $103,000 suit that just hit the market, I Read More

Mylai – Affordable Urban Clothing

It seems like the one word on everyone’s lips these days is recession.  People are worried about losing their jobs, their house, their car, but through it all – of course – we’ve still gotta look good.  Hip hop has always been known for its tendencies toward conspicuous consumption,  but because of the economy a Read More

Kriminaltized Geans Looking to Put Houston on the Map for Urban Fashion

It seems like nowadays everyone and their grandmama wants to have their own clothing line.  It’s almost become as cliche as hearing someone tell you that they are a ‘producer’.  But sometimes you do run into a  true soldier who understands that having your own clothing company is not all about stuntin’ up in the Read More

From Obama to Wolverine… Exclusive Interview with Custom Shoe Designer Van Monroe

Follow your dreams. That is the main theme that comes to mind after sitting down with artist/custom sneaker designer Van Monroe.  Born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Long Beach, California – the 26 year old phenom has had a relatively sudden and meteoric rise to fame.  His signature work – a hand-painted Obama Shoe Read More

Are you brave enough to SHINE in the midst of recession? Adidas thinks so!

A lot has been made over the fact that we are in recessionary times.  If you are one of those that turn on the TV(which I stopped doing for the most part 3 years ago), the news reports will try to stir you into a panic about the state of your financial affairs, even when Read More

Express yourself with these cool Shmack shirts.
Sexy Winter Wardrobe Refresh – Ladies Edition!

Hi ladies!  If you have been keeping up with your fashion news, then you have likely seen that we gave the fellas some tips on how to keep looking fresh during the final few weeks of winter.  Ladies…not to worry, we didn’t forget about you!  Here’s a few winter fashion tips to keep you Read More

Subconscious Threads Interview SoJonesTv

To follow up on our Subconscious Threads interview from January, SoJonesTV caught up with Billy D’Angelo from Subconscious Threads at Magic in Las Vegas.  Here’s what to watch out for in our interview: The inspiration behind the brand What hip hop artists are rockin’ Subconscious Threads How they develop their colorways and designs As Billy Read More

Street Level Clothing at Magic Show – SoJones TV

Street Level Clothing is a fresh clothing line coming out of Los Angeles, California.  In our SoJonesTV exclusive interview, brand rep and co-owner John describes the brand as being “ol’ school hip hop gear with a new flavor.” John hits upon a few unique items about Street Level Clothing: The inspiration for their brand logo Read More

How to Refresh your Winter Style Before the Season is Over

If you were to walk into your favorite clothing retailer right now, you would see all of the Spring fashion collections starting to appear on the racks.  While this is great if you want to get a jump start on your Spring/Summer shopping, you are probably at least one to two months away from rocking Read More

TFG appeals to the urban fashion world with their famous down jackets.
The Origins of Sagging Your Jeans…

by: Jennifer D. Carroll As a young lady in her early thirties, I do remember a time when men in hip hop wore their jeans tight. Not tight, tight.  But tight enough that the ladies could see if he had a nice booty. This was not a long-ago, mythical age. I’m talking the ’80s to Read More

Baby Phat founder Kimora Lee Simmons
Do You Really Want Hip Hop Fashion for $9.98?

by: Jennifer D. Carroll Hip hop has always been about being a bit braggadocious.  It is all about presentation.  A fly whip.  Expensive clothes. Clean sneaks.  The goal is to stay flyer and nicer than the next man.  It’s about pressing for the seemingly unattainable…at least in the most superficial sense. The reality is, a Read More

5 Reasons Why YOU’VE GOTTA See the Movie NOTORIOUS

By Jennifer D. Carroll A few years ago, I started dating younger men.  This is in contrast to my previous dating record, as I have always been more drawn to men who were 5-10 years older than me. But as I hit my thirties a strange thing happened…those youngstas started getting kind of sexy. Anyway, Read More

Co-founder Damon Dash in a Roca Wear ad.
Subconscious Threads – Wear What You Are (Secretly) Thinking About

by: Jennifer D. Carroll Style… Detail… Imagination…  Flavor… These are just a few of the words that can describe one of the latest (and hottest) new up and coming urban clothing brands, Subconscious Threads. Inspired by music, politics, sports, sneakers, Subconscious Threads sets out to give urban fashion style mavens the visual representation of  the Read More

Notorious Wants to Know if you want that FREE Red and Black Lumberjack, With the Hat to Match?

by Jennifer Carroll This weekend, the much anticipated and heavily hyped movie, NOTORIOUS, was released in movie theaters nationwide.  NOTORIOUS traces the life of Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace from his childhood growing up on the rugged streets of Brooklyn, N.Y. to his eventual rise to hip hop super stardom. As someone who came of age Read More

Will Kanye West’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton usher in a new era of respect for hip hop among luxury brands?

by: Jennifer D. Carroll Looks like your boy Kanye is positioning himself for a full fledged takeover of the fashion industry and by the looks of things that takeover is starting in some unlikely circles. While everyone who truly cares has already  heard word about Nike’s partnership with Ye in form of the upcoming release Read More

He Raps. He Sings. The T-Wayne Project

Ask a room full of hip hop and R & B fans:  who were the top two artists that came out with some of the hottest club bangers of 2008? Undoubtedly Lil Wayne and T Pain will be brought up. Regardless of what you think of their respective styles, these two have made strong names Read More